This is kind of a new beginning, but after more than ten years building The GATE, it’s also a kind of evolution.

Created back in 1999, The GATE has grown and evolved to become one of Canada’s best independent entertainment publications while covering national and international stories, events and artists for readers across North America. In that time, there have been a lot of great stories, but there have also been opportunities to explore topics that sometimes did not fit with The GATE. That’s where I’m pleased to announce the launch of GATE Media and the group of GATE Media websites.

Simply put, GATE Media is the new hub for all our content, including The GATE, which will include three evolving destinations that are set for launch later this year. Featured topics will include travel, celebrity news and photos, and a special new site devoted to film and movies.

Over the coming weeks, I will reveal more details as the websites are launched, so stay tuned for more details, advertising opportunities, and more. Most of all, thank-you for your time and I can’t wait to welcome you back once the websites are ready.

Welcome to GATE Media
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